Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre 글레이즈빌에 위치한 수영장



■ Entry Fee
- Swim $ 7.60
- Swim/Spa/Sauna/Steam $ 13.90
  ▷ 9am~3pm Mon~Fri non holiday periods  $11.90

■ Address
- 504 Victoria Rd, Ryde NSW 211


5. Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre

What would Sydney have done without the Olympics? We certainly wouldn't be enjoying the waves in Ryde that's for sure. The Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre is another legacy of the greatest games of all time with the former Olympic water polo complex now boasts so many water features every kid is pretty much guaranteed to end the day with red rings around their eyes from all the chlorine-filled fun. There's a 40m wave pool, river rapids, a 56-metre water slide, a giant inflatable duck, bubble whirlpools, and a children's wading pool.


호주 Top 10 swimming spots 5위를 차지한 Ryde Aquatic Leisure Centre입니다.
아래층, 위층, 스파&사우나 공간, 미끄럼틀 타는 곳, 야외인공서핑공간, 카페테리아, 야외테라스 등등 규모가 엄청 크고, 아이들을 위해 놀거리를 많이 해놓아 가족단위가 많이 찾는 곳이죠~ 그냥 수영장이지만 흡사 워터파크를 떠올리게 하는 내부 모습으로 큰 파도는 아니지만 워터파크처럼 인공파도가 나오기도 합니다~

가볍게 다녀올 동네 수영장 치고는 굿굿!!


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